Emergency Live Streaming between call makers and call takers.

Our emergency services are often taken for granted. With calls to police, ambulance and fire hitting record highs and resources stretched thin, we need a solution to enable these vital services to correctly priorise and resource manage the growing workload.

How does it work?

Secure peer-to-peer audio and video streaming.

Pioneering the latest advances in web browser technology, we create a direct connection between a caller's mobile phone camera and the call handler's browser.
No additional software or hardware is required.

Initiating a stream

After ensuring the caller is using a smart phone with a camera, and has an internet connection, provide their mobile phone number to the Emerstream Dashboard.
We'll send them a text message containing a personalised link which will display their camera feed and begin transmitting it back to the call handler.

Capture and locate

View the incident being reported in real-time, facilitate communication with built in text messaging, and see up-to-date location information plotted onto a map.

Ending the stream

Both the call handler and caller can end the stream, but it doesn't end there. The stream is recorded and call handlers have the option to save the recording. A digital signature is provided and an evidential exhibiting statement is automatically generated.

Multicam support

Major incidents can sometimes attact numerous calls from different informants, each offering a different perspective. They also all offer a different view point for the incident. Display multiple (but completely separate) mobile camera streams side-by-side for an all-round view.

How do we support your customers?

Giving you an opportunity to help them.

By allowing our emergency services see what you see, you can contribute to making our streets safer or even save a life. Our emergency services have to make some serious decisions and your footage can play a vital role in this process.
It also allows first responders to arrive prepared, and maintain safety not only for the public, but for themselves.

Keep your anonymity

If you want to remain anonymous, you can. No personal data, other than your mobile number, is supplied to or retained by Emerstream. Your mobile number is never disclosed or used, in line with our privacy policy.

Full control

You have full control over the stream. You can disconnect at any time, disallowing any further access to your device.

Security is our priority

The nature of what we do means that security is a key concern. We create a direct (peer-to-peer) connection between your device and the emergency services, so your video streams cannot be accessed with out authorisation.