Emergency live stream video to the Emergency Services.

Pioneering digital transformation within Police, Ambulance and Fire and Rescue services throughout the UK and beyond, enabling the automation of service delivery and introducing technological advances to improve accessibility and stakeholder satisfaction.

  • Audio and Video Streaming natively on any smart phone without apps
  • Live GPS tracking with What3Words integration
  • Recordings for instant playback and evidential storage


Services to help your
sector improve stakeholder satisfaction

Live Incident Streaming

Take call handlers to an incident, giving them the ability to see and experience an incident as if they were present.

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SMS for First Contact

Introduce an SMS option for first contact to increase reach and drive accessible reporting options.

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We're always building on our portfolio of digital transformation products. If you have a process that could be automated and made simple, contact us.

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Begin your journey by introducing the latest technological advances

With technology constantly evolving, now is the best time to begin the introduction of cutting-edge, automated technology into your sector.


Our Latest News & Updates

Case Study

Case studies coming soon

We're currently working on our case studies which show how Emerstream helps the emergency services achieve and improves service delivery.

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How does Emerstream Live Streaming work?

A blog post which explains how we achieve our Live Streaming Service.

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1000+ live streams and counting








Pioneering digital transformation

We support the National Policing Digital Strategy by providing a platform which gives a seemless citizen experience, addresses harm, and enables staff through digital.

Seemless Citizen Experience

Clicking a secure link sent via SMS and without the need to install additional software or apps; members of the public can securely send live video footage directly to emergency service call centres.

Addressing Harm

Facial recognition software enables instant recognition from video footage matched against hotlists. Hotlists might contact high risk/harm individuals or missing persons.

Enabling Officers & Staff Through Digital

Allow our front line to be better connected with fast real-time intellegence.

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We are looking for the next world leader in front-line emergency service technology...

If your organisation wants to lead the way in digital transformation by harnessing first-contact live streaming technology - we are looking for organisations to help us grow by piloting our platform. Don't hesitate, get in contact today!

Benefits Include:

  • Becoming a pioneer of artificial intellegence backed live streaming at First Contact level.
  • Shaping disruptive technology in this area so that together we can build a safer world for our crews and our public.
  • Discounted ongoing subscription rates as a way for us to thank you.